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Sniper Resource Manual


The new Sniper Resource Manual is a collection of information important to the police sniper and supervisors.  Everything from SOP's and Position Papers, to training tips and equipment lists are collected here on CD.  This is a digital source book, full of ideas, references, charts, checklists, tips and tactics for new and experienced snipers.  This is the most recent version (March 2018) of our manual, containing nearly 50 pages of new material, PowerPoint presentations, and videos. 

CD Only $26 Price includes shipping cost.


*Due to content, the Resource Manual is available by mail to police and military personnel only.  Please include a copy of ID with your check.


Sniper Data Book


Snipercraft offers one of the few data books designed by police snipers, for police snipers. There is space to record over 400 head shots, input conditional data, as well as track the number of rounds fired.  The new edition is designed to coincide with the Snipercraft Qualification and Basic Utility Targets.  This is all valuable documentation for operations, training and court. Books are printed on weather-proof "Rite in the Rain" paper. 




Snipercraft:  Art of the Police Sniper


Published by Precision Shooting, Snipercraft: The Art of the Police Sniper, is the book you've been waiting for.  This is not your ordinary training manual, nor is it a simple rehash of old material. This is the most unique work on the police sniper ever written.  Informative, straight-forward, and inspiring.  A must-have for any sniper, supervisor, or anyone else wanting to gain insight into the mind and means of the tactical sniper. 




Staring at the Crosshairs




Staring at the Crosshairs picks up where the first book ended, offering advice and admonishment to snipers and administrators alike.  This, too, is a unique book, tackling topics others won't touch, and making it a work every sniper must have.   




Riding the Recoil




Riding the Recoil is the last installment in the Snipercraft Trilogy.  This is a collection of articles and essays written over the last eight years.  In it the reader will find inspiration, motivation and validation for the sniper community. 






Snipercraft Qualification Targets

This course of fire has all of the desired attributes an agency should look for.  It's challenging, job-related, reasonable, and court defensible.  The all-inclusive 22 x 33 target array is quick to post, versatile, and easy to use.  This course has been adopted by hundreds of agencies around the country.

Price is $38, per roll of 50 targets, which includes shipping costs (within the US).  There is a two roll minimum order for targets.  A course description is included with each roll.

Targets and instructions cannot be ordered online.  Please send check or money order to Snipercraft.




Snipercraft Basic Utility Targets

Snipercraft's Basic Utility Target is available for purchase.  This target is used extensively during our sniper classes and is very popular.  The selection of items on the target array allow for a wide variety of drills and exercises.  The all-inclusive 22 x 33 target array is quick to post, versatile and easy to use.  The Basic Utility Target can also be used in conjunction with the new data book.

Price is $38, per roll of 50 targets, which includes shipping costs (within the US).  There is a two roll minimum order for targets.

Targets cannot be ordered online.  Please send check or money order to Snipercraft.




The long-awaited updated sniper training manual from the American Sniper Association is now available.  Police Sniper Training and Operations 2nd Edition is a manual like none other ever made available to the law enforcement sniper.  This edition includes over 100 pages of new and unique material.  Published by WIISAD Books, we are now accepting orders.  The manual was released May 4, 2022, and will only be available through limited outlets.

Price is $50, which includes shipping costs (within the US).  Order now and take advantage of this great source of information.

This manual cannot be ordered online.  Please send check or money order payable to Snipercraft, along with a copy of your agency ID.


Foundations of Sniper Marksmanship, is intended as a handbook to be studied prior to attending a Snipercraft Basic Course or if you are planning on attending a Snipercraft Advanced and took your Basic somewhere else.

The fundamentals of scoped rifle marksmanship are explained in a non-technical and non-tactical manner, designed to be relevant to a police sniper.

The principles and drills contained in this book are based on the Snipercraft curriculum and will serve as a solid foundation in marksmanship skills prior to beginning the course.

Available from the publisher

Available from Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/dp/1608852121



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