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Sniper Program Support Services

Snipercraft's experience and expertise is available to any agency looking for support and advice in starting or maintaining a sniper program.  To that end, we offer:

  • Assistance in starting a new sniper program, including writing policy documents.
  • Assistance in establishing an effective in-service training program.
  • Comprehensive written evaluations of existing sniper programs, with advice on areas of concern, and suggestions for positive adjustments.
  • Professional reviews of sniper-involved shootings.
  • Expert Witness services for post-shooting proceedings

These services are personally tailored to meet your agencies individual needs and budget.  Contact Snipercraft for details.     


Snipercraft, Inc.



Accuracy International Armorer Service

Snipercraft personnel is factory-certified to provide armorer services for Accuracy International AW, AWP, all AE models and AT weapon systems.  We currently offer:

  • Annual service inspections
  • Repairs and system upgrades

All services are available for a flat fee, plus parts.  Contact Snipercraft for complete details.   



Law Enforcement Consultant



Accuracy International Law Enforcement Consultant

Snipercraft has joined Accuracy International as their Law Enforcement Sniper Consultant.  We are available to provide you with product information and recommendations for AI rifles and accessories, as well as other sniper related equipment.  We are also authorized to handle technical questions and discuss product demos.  

If you are interested, or have questions, please contact us at the direct line number listed above.   


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