Snipercraft Challenge Rules

  • All rifles must be sniper grade quality of .223 caliber or better.  No specially modified competition or target rifles will be allowed.  One rifle must be used for all phases.
  • Shooters are required to use their department authorized ammunition only.  Each team should have at least 150 rounds.
  • Hearing protection is mandatory. Eye protection is at shooter's discretion.  Elbow and knee pads are recommended.
  • All snipers will be required to wear full callout attire for the duration of each course of fire.  This is to include sidearms, gunbelt, load-bearing equipment, gas mask and full uniform.  Failure to use all equipment will result in point penalties.
  • There will be no sight-in or warm-up shots allowed.  
  • There will be absolutely no weapon or shooter alibis.  Be sure your weapons are functioning properly prior to starting any course of fire.  Ammunition alibis will be allowed at judge's discretion.
  • Shooters will be required to strictly follow all range safety rules.  Failure to follow all safety rules and range officer's instructions will result in instant disqualification and expulsion from the range, without refund of entry fees.
  • Under no conditions will any competitor move about the range area with a loaded rifle.  Bolts on rifles will be left open at all times unless the shooter is on the line and under supervision of an RSO.  You will load only at the firing lines and not move your rifle from the line until it has been cleared and checked by a safety officer.  Handguns will remain holstered at all times (except during use as directed by a course of fire.)
  • Shooters will be penalized for shooting the wrong targets with loss of points and no reshoot.  If someone else shoots on your target, complete the course.  The judges will provide the shooter with an adjusted score.
  • No shooter is allowed downrange.  Targets will be brought in to be scored.
  • Each course of fire and how it will be scored will be explained prior to the start of that course.
  • The tournament will consist of eight courses of fire.  The sequence of courses will  be explained at Friday's briefing.  All questions must be asked before each course begins.  Not understanding directions will not be a mitigating circumstance.  
  • Targets will be scored by tournament judges and made available to the shooter for review.  Appeals must be made and settled at that time.   All decisions of the judges will be final.
  • Tournament winners will be determined by their overall two-day score totals.  All ties will be settled by a scoring tiebreaker.  Prizes  will be awarded to the top ten teams. email:


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